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Monique Braddy is a certified Abundant Life Coach. She is also a mental health therapist and peace architect helping people heal from life stressors (such as grief, debt, divorce and PTB-post traumatic betrayal).  Monique is devoted to changing the mindsets of others by giving them inspiration and hope to live an abundant life of boundless peace.

Your health is your wealth because your life is your gift to others.

Monique devoted 15 years to others as a mental health/behavior therapist where she transformed the behaviors, hearts and minds of children and adults diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities. In 2009, Monique created Seek Wisdom, Inc. a therapeutic practice that houses the Exhale Forum, an empowerment group birthed from the pain of losing her mother. After two divorces and a 12-year fight to win custody of her oldest son, Monique became a pioneer in helping people heal their own lives. After reclaiming her life, Monique realized peace wasn’t’ automatic but rather created through a step-by step process. With this acquired knowledge of human behavior, proven coaching techniques and personal experiences, Monique will help you RESTORE YOUR JOY by creating your blueprint to BOUNDLESS PEACE!

Monique will help you RESTORE YOUR JOY by creating your blueprint to BOUNDLESS PEACE!

My Journey

As I reflect on my life, it truly amazes me. I am on my third marriage, survived domestic violence, betrayed by men, and endured a custody battle where I was subpoenaed 264 times by a Narcissist, I am still standing with my head held high. Thank God I don’t look like where I’ve been! My journey, like many other women is one of heartache, headache and humility. I learned that my life wouldn’t get better by chance but by change. As a young girl I grew up believing if I was a good person, good things would come to me, that women should be chosen and not be the chooser, that people will not abuse you if you demonstrate love toward them. NOT TRUE! In fact, I had to adopt a new mindset of what I deserved and believed God intended for my life. There is no way I should be living a miserable life where I was the continuous giver but only a  partial receiver.

Concluding my second divorce, I felt like a failure because I had to return back to my childhood home accompanied by three young sons, a certificate in nail technology and my heart in my hand. I reflected on my choices and realized; I was partially to blame. I left home at 18 to pursue a degree but instead detoured toward becoming a nail tech, young mother and savior to men that didn’t deserve me. I actually mastered the art of improving the lives of men at the cost of my own peace and happiness. I questioned myself, “If you can master improving yourself as you mastered improving men, how far do you think you’d be in life?” At that point, I realized the power in my ability. I actually knew my worth! In 2006, at the age of 36, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in 2009 a Master’s Degree in Social Work. So, if you are thinking you are too old to begin again, let me tell you, it’s never too late to get it right.

With this knowledge, I became devoted to living my truth and saw the value in practicing principles that created peace for me and my children. I no longer succumb to those old narratives.

I live and walk to a “New Creed”:


Accept people for who they are, not for who you want them to become


Choose who’s right for you, your peace is PRECIOUS!


My priorities dictate my prosperity


Peace is not automatic, it’s created

I understand life is but a passing moment that must be lived in the here and now. You deserve a life of prosperity and abundance. Your days of existing is over.  It’s time to LIVE!

Let’s Create Your Blueprint to

is this you?


Need help getting over a failed relationship?


Tired of unqualified people bossing you around?


Sick of telling your problems to people who can’t help you?


Unhappy with your life, but unsure how to begin to change it?


Disgusted with being broke or financially challenged?


Relationship Stress

Job Stress

Family Stress

Health Stress

Financial Stress

Environmental Stress

Mental Health Stress

Restore Your Joy…

As women we have been conditioned that when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing.

Yes, this is true, BUT do we have to choose who chooses us? This mindset MUST change or you will continually make the mistake of sacrificing your happiness for the betterment of others. We must be smart about making decisions that strongly impact our lives and the lives of our children. We must be intentional and chose men that are assets and not liabilities. We can no longer risk our sanity just to say we got married.

You ask, “Well, how will I survive being on my own?” Yes, the pressures of making enough money while supporting a family all get to us, especially if you are a single mother. We often wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Or why am I not where I need to be at this point in life?” While your mindset may factor in sabotaging your success, the other variable could be the absence of simple skills that can put you back on track while becoming more attractive to prospective men who truly deserve you.

Being “wonder woman” is not easy. In fact, it’s exhausting. Maintaining a job, managing the kids, and mastering love is a juggling act society expects us to sustain. If we aren’t successful feelings of depression, despair and defeat are bound to appear.

Here’s where I come in….. By discovering what’s hindering your success we will create the action steps to change your life forever. Through boundless peace you can restore your joy and achieve the mindset, health and wealth that keeps you WINNING!

One-on-One Personal Coaching

COURSE: YOU CAN’T STEAL MY JOY! Tried-and-true formula to restoring and protecting your peace.

Restore Your Joy…

My grandparents raised me but I grew up knowing I had a biological father living only 20 minutes away who chose not to share his life with me. Although, I had a loving grandfather, I still yearned for the acceptance and acknowledgment from my biological father. His absence in my life caused significant distress for me as an adult. I looked for a father figure in my relationships starting as early as 14 years of age. Abandonment was the featured theme of my life, where I believed every man that I fell in love with would eventually leave me.

This became a self-fulfilling prophecy because many of my relationships followed that theme. As a result, I developed PTB- Post Traumatic Betrayal where I became very insecure about the motives of men. I’ve been cheated on so much that it became normal for me to believe no man is capable of fidelity. As soon as I saw the tell, tell signs such as, taking the phone in the bathroom, not answering my calls or texts for hours, and becoming defensive when questioned about his whereabouts, my antennas went into full extension. My pulse increased, my temper flared and rationality left the scene. I become someone I didn’t even recognize. This emotional pain causes so much destruction. Serial arguments ensue and remembering what the last man did gives way to adopting the notion of totally giving up on love as the only way out. Trust is lost making it virtually impossible to recover.

Symptom of PTB – Post Traumatic Betrayal

Symptom 1:

The body is triggered and goes into threat preparedness; an emotional rollercoaster making it difficult to stay calm


Symptom 2: 

Your ability to focus and think clearly becomes impaired limiting your ability recall information and remain present

Symptom 3:

Somatization may occur creating health problems such as gastritis, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure

Be not dismayed…..there is hope from the crippling symptoms of PTB.

Through my healing course, you will develop the mindset to break free from this traumatic curse and begin living a life of purpose and peace. Your life will no longer be held captive by past experiences that left you empty and insecure.

You will be restored with a sense of FREEDOM and SECURITY as you move toward a new life of BOUNDLESS PEACE!

monique braddy

One-on-One Personal Coaching

COURSE: BEING THE INVISIBLE DAUGHTER- A fatherless daughter’s journey to restoring peace through purpose


It’s true, everyone has problems but not everyone wants to hear them. I DO! Don’t let your trouble dictate your destiny and don’t let doubt detour your direction in life. I am your PEACE ARCHITECT and yes, YOU CAN AFFORD ME! Why, because you can’t afford another day doing it by yourself.

I have a customized blueprint to help you RESTORE YOUR JOY and improve your life!”

Let’s chat! I encourage that you would sign up for a free discovery session to experience how I may help you or use the form below. You can email me directly at moniquepeacearchitect@gmail.com.

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